Business Events

We organize events and team building activities


Besides our travel services, Best Travel Solutions managed to become a name in the event industry due to successful organization of various national and international events and to its individual and group incentive programs.


We organized successfully the most varied team building events. Everything on demand. During 15 years of activity we created a network of partners which allows us to create full packages at convenient prices.


Conventions and conferences are a significant component of our activity and benefit from the necessary logistics support during all stages: launching, organization, implementation and monitoring. We ensure location selection and booking, fee negotiation, and take care of the hundreds of details that make a perfect event, so that our client can relax and focus on guests and presentations, to guarantee a successful event.


Our clients enjoy 100% confidentiality. Our offers are personalized and, as stipulated by our contract, we guarantee full confidentiality of all information.


Consultancy and Support

Consultancy and support are included, from the moment we decide on the first details of the event until the event is finalized (including final report).

Location Selection

It’s just like shopping, but on a larger scale. Instead of racing the shopping mall in search for the right outfit, you browse dozens locations trying to pick the best one, but often, because it is so time-consuming, you end up choosing a location based on pictures uploaded online and when you get there you find out that the pictures are beautiful, but the reality is no match. Due to our vast experience in organizing events and location knowledge, we will choose the perfect location for your event.


We book accommodation and event facilities


We negotiate the best fees – our excellent relations with service providers enable us to negotiate the best fees and modification/cancellation conditions for our clients.

Catering & Restaurants

Selection of adequate menu & beverage packages – a menu & beverage package for all tastes is very important for a successful event. The success of the event depends on client satisfaction with the quality and diversity of food and beverages served.


Set-up, decorations, lower arrangements, surprise birthday cakes for guests or colleagues, place cards and other hundreds of small details which have a huge impact on the success of your event – we focus on details and ensure perfect timing so that everything is right at the right time.

Transport Services

Transfers, rent a car, protocol services.


We submit invitations to clients; we contact them and centralize participation confirmations.

Registration of Participants

Participant registration is an important stage of any event. Everything will go wrong if your guests are annoyed with having to cue for registration even though the event has already started; everything will run smoothly if you choose our services which include fast and professional registration of participants, business cards collection and distribution of professional materials. We guarantee that all guests present will enter the event room on time and smiling, ready for your event.

Hosting Services

We welcome the participants, show them to their seats, provide information on the event and make sure your guests enjoy the event.

Promotional Products

Whether you want folders, pens and presentations or goody bags for your guests, we may help you have everything ready on time for your event, customized according to your requirements.

VIP Services

Free upgrades for accommodation and transfer services


  • We have been working with Best Travel for more than 1 year and we are satisfied with the quality of the services received and with the promptness and kindness of the staff.
    Elefant Online
    Elefant Online
  • We have been working with Best Travel Solutions since 2015, within our school-based projects for cultural trips abroad. Andreea, Paul and their team have quickly turned into our reliable and trustworthy partners in organizing our activities in this area, first of all by committing themselves seriously to such actions. Quick, professionals, friendly and warm, they have dealt with each project as if it were their own, by providing the required importance to the specific demands that we have expressed. The ability to understand in details the specificity of these projects, as well as the counseling services provided in taking the best decisions, represent the genuine competitive advantages that they have in their sector. In the seldom cases when we were confronted with some unforeseen situations at our point of destination, they assisted us promptly. We recommend them warmly and without any fear, as partners able to provide the development and implementation of various, large-scale projects, with different levels of complexity. For us, they are still the partners with whom we hope that we will be able to develop more beautiful ideas for the future.
    Simona Neagu
    Tinkerbell School, Bucuresti
  • We have organized events together with the Best Travel Solutions team and we truly appreciate them for: - timeliness - focus on the specific needs of the customer on the spot - permanent availability during the entire event - availability to even help out with those issues which are not included in their on scope of work (materials etc.) Cooperating with them turns into team work and the supplier-beneficiary relationship turns into a partnership!
    Mihai Baciu
  • The Best Travel team is made up from genuine professionals. Extremely helpful, they answer the phone any hour of the day and they always produce some inspiring ideas. We have worked very well each and every time with them and we strongly recommend them.
    Premium Communication
    Premium Communication

More time, less expenses
You gain more time and get rid of some hassle. You can focus on business-oriented decisions.
We can obtain special discounts on your behalf. All these due to our network of partners.


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