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Most often, business trips planning becomes complicated when you have to send an email for each type of service and try to make the best of all offers received. We provide optimal solutions which help you save the most precious business resources: time and money.

You only deal with one consultant who provides the best travel options in one email. Based on your requirements, the consultant will send you an offer and will make sure to choose the best flight option, the right hotel, the most convenient transfer, meals and any other services you might require. Based on your client profile, the consultant will know what airline you prefer, what seat you would choose in the plane, the type of menu you would enjoy, the type of luggage you would check in, the type of car you would rent, and will make sure you get your bonuses on your travel cards, without you bothering to provide all these details in every email.

Everything is transparent, so at the end of every month, the company and the client receive a detailed report on the services ordered and on the costs generated by such services. The accounting department always requests endless reports, so this will make your communication with accountant easier. The result: more time you can dedicate to your business.

Business Services:

  • National and international hotel accommodation;
  • Domestic and international flight tickets;
  • Transfers;
  • Rent a car;
  • Restaurant services.


  • We have organized events together with the Best Travel Solutions team and we truly appreciate them for: - timeliness - focus on the specific needs of the customer on the spot - permanent availability during the entire event - availability to even help out with those issues which are not included in their on scope of work (materials etc.) Cooperating with them turns into team work and the supplier-beneficiary relationship turns into a partnership!
    Mihai Baciu
  • The Best Travel team is made up from genuine professionals. Extremely helpful, they answer the phone any hour of the day and they always produce some inspiring ideas. We have worked very well each and every time with them and we strongly recommend them.
    Premium Communication
    Premium Communication
  • We have had the pleasure to work with Best Travel Solutions starting from 2014. Our cooperation was focused on events organization services, events organized within our company: team-buildings, parties, conferences, etc. The consultant team established by Vest Travel Solutions was capable of understanding and committing themselves to our company standards and values and to integrate such aspects within the services delivered. When cooperating with them, we have identified: flexibility, work ethics, professionalism and innovation, and this led to the success of the events we organized together. Following our cooperation, it is our pleasure to recommend the company Best Travel Solutions as a reliable partner, which manifests a special attention in relationship to the customers and their needs, flexible and ready to face challenges and the specific requirements of the customer company, taking action each time with a high quality end result in their minds.
    Mirela Birlodeanu
    HR Manager
  • BEST Travel Solutions!, as the name tells you, are the “Best”, a team of aces, a team made up of professionals, a team with whom we have successfully worked together. I recommend to all the high class services provided by Best Travel Solutions. Thank you!
    Claudia Dora Oprina
    Art Seven

More time, less expenses
You gain more time and get rid of some hassle. You can focus on business-oriented decisions.
We can obtain special discounts on your behalf. All these due to our network of partners.


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